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Our Bluemagineers

We assemble the best in actors, writers, content creators, and 3D animators from around the world to provide the best experience for your family.

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How it Works

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I come up with an idea for a project?

There are worksheets for just about every class that can be used for your project submission. So, for you token holders and Livestream+ members, on the class page, click on the “Resources” tab under each individual class. We have normally 4-7 worksheets per class that can be used.

Get inspired by other families by checking out featured projects on our Twitter page.


Can I submit the same project twice?

The spirit of our Learn2Earn model is about learning something new everyday! Therefore, you cannot submit the same project twice.


As a token holder, do I need to connect my wallet?

We’re not asking anyone to connect your wallet to Blue Studios. We’re not 100% comfortable with everyone’s financial wallets connected until we can be comfortable that everything is 100% secure. It’s easier and safer for us to activate your account manually. If you are a Bella token holder who has not redeemed their Lifetime Membership to Blue Studios EDU, please fill out this form.


Can non-members participate?

The more we participate as a community, the better it is. If you have friends or family, they can access the free livestreams as well as the free classes listed on the EDU platform to participate, but there are only a limited number of free classes, therefore they cannot participate as frequently as a token holder or Livestream+ member.


Can my child submit a project on their own?

Projects must be submitted by a parent or responsible adult (18+). We thought this is a fun way to get students and families to work together around learning!


Do I have to have a paid subscription to participate?

No purchase is necessary, so be sure to share with your network of friends. They can access the free classes listed on the Blue Studios EDU platform to participate.


I sent in a submission and I haven't heard back yet.

We review every submission and send a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours.​ We do this to make sure all rules are followed, that your project is related to the class, and no one is disclosing personal information. If your project does not meet the requirements, the entry will be disqualified.


I still need help.

Feel free to ask the mods in our Blueniverse Discord Server (available 24/7) if you have any questions or email us at questions at bluestudios dot io.

Full Learn2Earn rules can be found here.